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HACKATHON StartBEC in Bioeconomy

27 feb 2024

A team formed by two LEPAMAP-PRODIS members and one undergraduate collaborator has been awarded with the 1st prize.

The StartBEC program results from the collaboration between the technological center AINIA and the Spanish ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Food, aiming at promoting a circular bioeconomy. Recently, as of 23rd–24th of February, AINIA organized the StartBEC Hackathon to drive innovation in Bioeconomy and to support the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the participants. In this hackathon, five teams for different institutions competed to find the most innovative and comprehensive idea under a certain set of conditions.

On Friday 23th, participants were given a tour across AINIA's facilities and started to work on solutions to address a plausible challenge. They kept on coming up with resolutive ideas during the morning of the following day, Saturday 24th. Allegedly, the scenario consisted of a touristic island with tropical climate, specific resources (including waste), a certain legal framework, and even a plague. Participants had to abide by the rules, such as not relying on imported materials and not promoting food scarcity (e.g., not using food as resource for non-edible materials).

Giovana Signori-Iamin, Jordi Carós Rovira and Gabriela A. Bastida, displaying their diplomae.

The LEPAMAP-PRODIS research group was represented by two PhD candidates — Gabriela A. Bastida, Giovana Signori-Iamin — and one undergraduate student — Jordi Carós Rovira. From fruit peels, avocado pits, and other kinds of available biomass, they suggested the manufacture of bio-based textile materials and bioactive essential oils. In the end, they were recognized with the 1st prize.

We are thankful to AINIA's professionals for this opportunity, for the knowledge gathered, and for the visibility they give to the need of finding pathways for sustainable development and addressing bioeconomy issues.

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