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Desarrollo de matrices poliméricas y composites autorreparables con impacto ambiental reducido para su aplicación en impresión 3D

Development of self-healing polymeric matrices and composites with reduced environmental impact for application in 3D printing

Code: PID2020-117802RB-I00

Call: R&D Challenges

Funding agency: Spanish Ministry of Science, Education, and Universities

Starting date: 01/09/2021

End date: 31/08/2024

Total funds: 84.700,00 €



Jose Alberto Méndez (PI)

F. Xavier Espinach (CoPI)

Fernando Julian (Co-I)

Jose Tresserras (Co-I)

Rafel Reixach (Co-I)

Jordi Bayer (WT)

Juan Pedro López (WT)

Rosa M. Coll (WT)

Faust Seculi (WT)

Helena Oliver-Ortega (WT)

Toni Pagés (WT)

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