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Acción de economía circular en regiones insulares mediante la valorización de residuos plásticos y agrícolas (NextGenerationEU)

Circular economy action in island regions through the valorization of plastic and agricultural waste (NextGenerationEU)

Code: TED2021-131039B-C32

Call: Strategic projects focused on ecological transition and digital transition

Funding agency: Spanish Ministry of Science and Education

Starting date: 01/12/2022

End date: 30/11/2024

Total funds: 123.855,00 €



Francisco Javier Espinach Orús (PI)

Joaquim Agusti Tarres Farres (CoPI)

Fernando Julian Perez (Co-I)

Pere Maimi Vert (Co-I)

Lluís Ripoll Masferrer (Co-I)

Inés Ferrer Real (Co-I)

Rosa María Coll Riera (WT)

Francisco Javier Alonso Montemayor (WT)

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